Why Isn’t Anyone Coming To My Website?

October 13, 2017

These days, many people still believe that just because they have built a website, this will allow everyone to find it easily and interact with it and as a result, their traffic and conversions will increase. Unfortunately, this is just not the case.

A good analogy is, you would like to host a party, you plan your party, the night of the party comes around, but you didn’t invite anyone. However you still assume people will come. How is this possible if they didn’t know the event existed?

So the main question that everyone asks is. How can I attract more people to my website? This is the Number 1 question that many business owners have asked at one time or another. The effort involved in building a website depending on it’s complexity can range from weeks to months. Regardless of this, your site can still lack the high number of visitors you anticipated.

In this post, I will go through the major reasons why your site may go unnoticed if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Is your site SEO Friendly?

These days it is a must that your website is SEO Optimised. But what does this mean?

Think of a search engine as a old phone book. People use phone books to find businesses or individuals and their contact details. If your not listed in the book your customers will not be able to find you. This concept also applies to SEO. However, our aim is to not only to be listed in the phone book, but to also appear at the top of the search results, ideally on the first, second or third page. After the third page Click Through Rates drop dramatically as displayed in the below data courtesy of Smart Insights.

Google CTR - Parallax Creative Web Design
Google CTR – Page Ranking

There are dozens of methods that improve your ranking in search engines results. The most important thing is to ensure you plan your keyword placement carefully. Best practice is try to include at least 5 specific keywords or phrases throughout your Page Title, Headlines, Body Content and Graphic Alt Tags. Ensure your Page Title includes vital keywords such as your geographic location or services you offer. Make your meta description unique and catchy. DO NOT copy and past your meta description from your page’s body content. Google will see this as duplicate content and penalise you in the search results.

Include a Blog

If you do not have a blog, you are behind. A website shouldn’t be something you create and leave alone. Great Websites are like living organisms, they are constantly growing and changing. Recently Google tweaked their algorithm to display fresh content at the top of their rankings for many searches.

A blog is also a chance to expand your websites keywords. If you are referencing someone else’s work or data in a blog post don’t be afraid to link directly to it. Google values internal and external links. Especially those from reputable sources that have a high ranking.

Keep in mind, your customers are looking for products or services they want to purchase from leaders of your industry. What better place to voice your expertise. A blog allows you to establish a voice in your industry by providing your customers with relevant, factual information that will ultimately influence their choice or purchase.

Load Speeds

You have 10 seconds with win prospects over. Nobody likes waiting in queue. There are tons of options out there. Why would the average user wait for your page to load?

Sure if they really need to visit your site, they may be a little bit patient. However, if the click was at an impulse, research shows they are likely to leave around the 10 seconds mark if the page is not fully loaded. This means you have lost a potential customer before they could view your site.

Image optimisation is the main cause of for sluggish sites. Ensure your images are compressed and saved suitable image formats for web such as .JPEG OR .PNG. If you are using a popular CMS solution such as WordPress. Ensure you have a plugin that leverages browser caching for faster user load speeds.

GT Metrix is a great tool for measuring your sites load speed and level of optimisation for SEO. By querying your website through this tool you will be provided with informative recommendations for improving your SEO presence.

Page Load Speeds - Parallax Creative Web Design

Page Speed to Bounce Rate

Promote Your Website

If you want people to find your site. You need to market it across multiply platforms.

A great place to start marketing your website is Social Media. All Social Media platforms are intuitive and allow you to target selective demographics and geographical locations. At minimum every business should have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Start getting your hands dirty and start posting your content across all platforms. Ensure you invite all your friends and share your posts in relevant industry groups across all types of social media.

As an alternative solution there are also paid online advertising through Social Media. Such as: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Both can be setup for any budget and can produce fantastic results.

When it comes to Local SEO. Creating a Google Business Page as well as a Bing Places Page. This will increase your local seo reach. If people are searching for businesses on their mobile device using a maps app. Your business will show first if in the same geographical location.

If you would like Parallax Creative Web Design to assist with the setup of Social Media Accounts and Local SEO Profiles please contact us today.

Does Your Site Look Professional?

Have you ever been to site a to find a broken link or a picture or document that didn’t load… How frustrating.

Ask yourself. How many business owners do you think navigate their own sites regularly to ensure their sites stay intuitive for their customers to use, contain no missing content and are free from design and coding bugs?

The answer is approx 70% of business owners have never done this. Now that mobile responsiveness such a important inclusion into your SEO presence you essentially now have 3 version of your site that need to be checked thoroughly on a regular basis to ensure users can:

  1. most importantly, able to read content and view your images and attached documents
  2. are able to navigate your site easily through links and drop down menu’s
  3. are able to intuitively pinch and swipe as you would a mobile app

Checking all 3 iterations of your website (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet) regularly will help resolve the above problems and result in users staying on your website for longer periods of time and keep them interacting with your business. Remember, just because your site looks spectacular on a desktop device. This doesn’t mean it will look the same on mobile and tablet devices.

Ultimately, a professional website design will help you gain the trust of users and entice more people to visit your site.


To summarise, there is no guaranteed solution for immediately getting customers to visit your site. SEO is a long term marketing strategy that requires time, money and a lot of work to prevail. I hope this post has outlined the key components to get you started on the optimisation of your website.

If you would like to discuss how Parallax Creative can assist you with any of the above. Please feel free to contact on the below:

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