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What is SSL and why is it important?

Time and again, we hear of incidents involving identity theft, stealing of account passwords, installation of malware from the back-end of websites, and even ransomware. All of these security breaches have a certain means of attack in common, and that is social engineering – when you’re tricked into clicking on a link you’re not supposed to, and when you open files or applications from dubious sources.

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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming To My Website?

These days, many people still believe that just because they have built a website, this will allow everyone to find it easily and interact with it and as a result, their traffic and conversions will increase. Unfortunately, this is just not the case anymore. A good analogy is, you would like to host a party, you plan your party, the night of the party comes around, but you didn't invite anyone. However you still assume people will come. How is this possible if they didn't know the event existed?

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