Protect Your Website

Protect Your Website

Protect Your Website

With Our WordPress Security Package

Is your WordPress website secure? The reality is that no website can ever be entirely impervious to hackers. Even entities like the Australian and US Governments, which allocate millions of dollars to countermeasures, fall victim to security breaches.

Despite this, WordPress boasts a robust security infrastructure. The platform regularly issues both minor and major updates to address known security vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, because WordPress powers approximately 43% of all websites online, it remains a prime target for malicious attacks worldwide.

Fortunately, there are several countermeasures that you can implement to diminish the risk of being hacked and safeguard your customers’ data.

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In the last 5 years security breaches have increased by 67%


30,000 New Websites get hacked every day


IN 2021, PLUGINS AND THEMES ACCOUNT FOR 99% OF vulnerabilities


Here is how we can take control of your websites security.

At Parallax Creative, we conduct in-depth analyses of your website’s security. Although the installation of plugins that enhance login screen security and block brute force password attempts can be beneficial, we delve deeper and implement coding fixes to optimize your site’s security. Here’s how our expertise can assist you.

Vulnerability Audit | Wordpress Security | Parallax Creative Web Design

Vulnerability Audit

We will thoroughly inspect your website for vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Wordpress Header | Wordpress Security | Parallax Creative Web Design

Hide WordPress Header

Anyone can view your websites source code. Hiding the WordPress Header makes hackers work a harder to find key vulnerabilities.

Passwords and 2FA | Wordpress Security | Parallax Creative Web Design

Passwords and 2FA

We will help you put together a secure password policy and assist you with implementing 2 Factor Authentication for your website login.

Hide Login Page | Website Backups | Parallax Creative Web Design

Admin Login Page

One of the best things you can do to secure your WordPress Website is to change the address of your Admin Login page. The whole world knows /wp-admin. Make it harder for any hacker by changing this to something else.

XML RPC | Wordpress Security | Parallax Creative Web Design


Without going into too much detail. This feature is enabled by default and can be exploited by hackers. Not all WordPress sites need XML RPC enabled. We will check if this is required for your website.

Malwear Firewall | Website Backups | Parallax Creative Web Design

Malware Scan and Firewall

Our industry leading plugin will systematically scan your website and destroy any malware it detects. While providing your website with a secure firewall that is updated regularly to block new exploits.

Hosting Review | Website Backups | Parallax Creative Web Design

Hosting Review

Sorry to say this, but not all web hosts are created equal. We will ensure you are running on a secure server. If not, we will provide a recommendation and can assist you with moving to a new host.

Website Backups | Wordpress Security | Parallax Creative Web Design

Website Backups

If all else fails. Backups are the last line of defence. We will setup and configure daily backups for your website. So, if disaster does strike, your website can be restored to the last validated backup point.

What are the benefits of securing your website?

The potential consequences of a hacker infiltrating your website could be profound for your business. Here are the primary advantages of securing your website.

Protect, Prevent and Secure Your WordPress Website

Our WordPress Security Package focuses on risk elimination and risk reduction. Throughout our audit process it is important to first identify, secondly clean up current vulnerabilities and thirdly provide recommendations that ensure your WordPress website is protected against future threats.

Lockdown your website!